Frequently Asked Questions – Photo Booth Hire


When do you deliver and collect the photo booth?

If your booking is for no more than 8 hours, the photo booth will be delivered within approximately an hour before the booking time specified at the time of reservation and collected within approximately half an hour after it. If you would like the photo booth to be delivered earlier, please choose the 8-24h formula or contact us directly. If your booking is for more than 8 hours, we will deliver and collect the photo booth at arranged times.

Are there any additional costs of delivery?

The delivery is free everywhere in Belgium. We also deliver to parts of France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Germany that are no further than 100 kilometres from the nearest Belgian border. However, there is an additional delivery fee depending on the distance we have to cover for the events that are outside of Belgium.

Do you provide assistance during events?

A technician will arrive at your event and set-up your photo booth, as well as ensure that everything works flawlessly. S/he will have a remote access to your photo booth over internet, in case a photo booth requires attention. S/he will be near the place of your event, so that s/he come to your event as quickly as possible, if necessary. At the end of your event, he will collect the photo booth and hand you optional extras that you ordered.


What is required to install the photo booth?

We require an even ground space that is 300x220x300 (WxHxL) centimetres large with an access to a single electricity socket within 10 meters from the photo booth.

What are the dimensions of the photo booth?

All short term hire photo booths are 45x170x45 cm (WxHxL), whereas all the long term hire photo booths are 50x200x50 cm (WxHxL). Please note that all our short term hire photo booths are accompanied by a backdrop and a sharing point, as well as two studio lamps placed on each side of them.

Is it possible to place the photo booth outdoors?

It is possible. However, the ground that we place the photo booth on must be hard and even. There also must be a roof over the photo booth. If there is no roof available at the event’s location, we can bring our own gazebo tent for an additional charge of 50€.


What are the dimensions of print outs?

There are two possible dimensions of the print outs – photo strip, which is 15x5cm (HxW), or full print, which is 15×10 (HxW) cm.

What does it mean that there is no limit to the photos?

The photo booth prints two photo strips or one full print immediately after the photos have been taken. The only limit to the photos and prints is the duration of your booking.

Can you add your own logo or photo to the photo strips?

Yes, but this must be provided no later than 3 days before the event and follow the advice given in the next two questions.

What are the dimensions of the logo for the photo strips?

The logo itself must be 600×200 px (WxH) and 300 dpi. If you wish to place your own photo on the photo strips, it has to be 600×400 px and 300 dpi. There is 20€ fee for adding your own photo to your prints.

What should be the dimensions of a photo for green screen replacement?

The photo should be in horizontal orientation and have dimensions of no less than 1296 x 864 px (300 dpi). This will ensure a sufficient quality of the prints.

What are the accepted file formats?

We accept all common graphics formats such as: .jpg, .png, .pdf etc.

Can you create a custom photo strip design for me?

By standard we offer a set of designs you can choose from and personalize with your text. However, if you wish something different, we can design a unique template for you for an additional charge of 25€.


What are the dimensions of the photo book and how many pages does it have?

The photo book dimensions are 28×24 cm (WxH) and it has 50 pages. It will be accompanied by double sided stickers, as well as silver and golden markers, so that your guests can easily place the photos and leave inscriptions in the photo book.

Is the photo book free?

The photo book is a free gift from us for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. If you wish to have a photo book for another occasion or get an extra one at your event, please refer to this page.

What kind of funny accessories do you provide with the photo booth?

For the short term hire, we have two packets of funny accessories available: – Premium, which includes 3 full boxes of good quality funny hats, masks, glasses etc. – Standard, which includes 76 pieces of single use paper accessories on wooden sticks. For more information and accessory photos, please visit this link. We do not offer premium accessories for a long term hire.

What is the Sharing Point?

The Sharing Point is a free standing kiosk for sharing a digital copy of your photos on-line. You can either share the photos on Facebook and Twitter, or send them to your private e-mail or phone. The Sharing Point is offered as a part of a short term hire. For the long term hire, there is a possibility to share photos directly from the photo booth screen.

Do you have to provide an Internet access to enable sharing?

The photo booths are equipped with their own 3G modems. The working of the Internet on them is however limited by the strength of the mobile range available. If you are in a low signal area, it is advisable that you check if the event’s location can provide us with the Wi-Fi access.

How and when I will receive my photos?

You can order an USB stick and/or an online gallery. The USB stick will be given to you immediately after the event is over. The online gallery will be generated within 7 days from the event. The link and password will be sent to you via e-mail. Both USB stick and online gallery are optional extras.


Is it possible to extend the duration of the booking at the event?

Yes, it possible. However, this is a subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. To ensure that you can use the photo booth for as long as you wish, we recommend booking longer duration at the time of reservation. The duration of the booking cannot be shortened.

What is the minimum and maximum hire duration?

For the short term hire, the minimum booking duration is 4 hours and the maximum is 8 hours. We also provide a 8-24 hours formula, that allows you to enjoy the photo booth at a special price for a full day. For the long term hire, the minimum booking duration is 24 hours. We can collect the photo booth when the 24 hours is over or earlier. Please note that there is no at site assistance for the long term hire.

Is it possible to modify or give precise booking hours at a later stage?

Yes, however they will be a subject to availability, so we recommend giving the precise hours as soon as it is possible.


What is the deposit for?

The deposit is required to both reserve your date and protect us from any damages that your guests may cause. The deposit is refunded within 7 days after your event. The amount of deposit is different for short term and long term hire. The deposit is not necessary for company bookings.

When do you have to pay the balance?

If you are an individual, a full balance is to be paid at the event in cash or by card. If you book the photo booth on a behalf of a company, the invoice is to be paid within 14 days from the date it has been issued.

What are the available forms of payment?

We accept cash or card payments (VISA, MasterCard and Maestro). Please note that there is 3% charge on all card payments, so we advise you to pay by cash. If you are making a payment on a behalf of a company, you can do it via a standard bank transfer.[/accordion]